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Plastic Grass Grid

HDPE plastic porous grass pavers / paving grids
completely green: grass grid provides more than 95% of the planting area, greening effect completely, to be sound-absorbing, vacuuming, significantly improve the quality and taste of the environment. saving investment: grass grid make parking and Green function Become, in the land of urban investment, can save valuable developers. smooth and complete: grass grid unique and stably inserted lap the whole laying on the surface into a smooth overall, avoid local depressions, the construction is extremely convenient. high strength, long life: special material grass grid using patented technology, the highest compressive capacity 250 tons / square meter, fire uprise surface is larger than the specification requirements of 32 tons/square meter. performance stability, anti ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali resistance,wear resistance,weather resistant -40°C-90°C. good drainage: Gravel bearing layer provides good to discharge excess water function, convenient precipitation. protect the lawn: Gravel bearing layer provides storage function, favorable growth of the lawn. the green environmental protection: grass grid security and stability, Recyclable recycling, absolutely no pollution, comprehensive care of the lawn. light save grass grid each square meter 5 kilograms, an extremely lightweight, quick installation, saving labor, shorten the construction period.
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Product Content

Grass Paving Grid is a lightweight plastic structure manufactured from HDPE or recycled plastics,designed to stabilize and support turf, grass or decorative gravel. Grass Grid is used in the landscape, construction and environmental remediation industries. Positioned under the grass surface, Grass Grid distributes loads from pedestrian and vehicular traffic to the base course below, minimizing grass and root compaction. The interconnected cells allow roots to develop with minimal restriction, resulting in a durable and stable grass surface.
1. Green and Environmental Protection
2. Save invest
3. Smooth and integrity
4. High tensile strength and long lifetime
5. Performance stability; UV protection; Acid and alkali resistance; Anti-pressure
6. Good drainage effect
7. Protect lawn: Good storage function can help grass growing very well
8. Easy to install,so it will save cost and also shorten construction period
1. Grass Parking Lots
2. Overflow grass car & bus parking lots
3. Grass Fire Truck Access routes / Fire Lanes
4. Handicap access routes
5. Golf cart paths
6. Emergency grass access roads
8. Grass Driveway and grass shoulders
  • grass grid
  • grass grid
  • grass grid
  • grass grid

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