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 ROAD Geosynthetics(Taian Road Engineering Materials Co.,Ltd), established in 2002, specialized in manufacturing plastic uniaxial geogrid, biaxial geogrid,fiberglass geogrid, polyester geogrid, 3D geomat , geonet, geocell, geotextile, geomembrane, BOP stretched net, safety fence. Products are mainly used in the foundation construction such as roadways, railways, irrigation works, electric power, water and land protection, and environment greening, etc. As leading manufacturer of geosynthetics materials, has three plants, more than 40 production lines, with an annual production capacity of 300 million square meters, enables our company to provide customers excellent delivery time. Strict Quality Control:ROAD Geosynthetics has established advancing laboratory in China for internal inspecting. We founded strict quality control system from raw material to finished products testing. Our products has been exported to more than seventy countries and areas, such as Russia, Unites Kingdom, Italy, Poland, United States, Canda, Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Korea, Singapore and so on. Wish to cooperate with you!
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