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  • geosynthetics clay liner

geosynthetics clay Liner

Geosynthetic clay liner is composed of high dilatability of sodium base bentonite filling between the special composite geotextile and nonwoven fabric, made by the method of acupuncture or suture composite impervious material. Use acupuncture into geosynthetic clay liner can form many small fiber space, make the bentonite particles can't flow in one direction, when under the influence of water within the mat forming uniform density of colloidal waterproof layer, prevent the leakage of water. For different projects,it can combine HDPE liner for better waterproof.
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Taian Road GCL has the expansion of the water characteristics. General calcium base bentonite expands, its expansion is only about 3 times their own size; And sodium base bentonite adsorption 5 times its own weight of water in case of water, Volume expansion to the original 15 to 17 times above; Lock sodium base bentonite in the middle of the two layers of geosynthetic materials, protecting and strengthening the role of, Make the GCL has a certain overall shear strength.
Feature: 1.The permanent waterproof Because sodium base bentonite is a natural inorganic material, even after a long time or the surrounding environment changes, also won't happen aging or corrosion phenomena, so the waterproof performance persistence.
2. Compactibility Sodium base bentonite under water pressure condition to form diaphragm with high density, thickness of about 3 mm, its permeability is 5 x 10-11 m/SEC below, equivalent to 100 times the compactness of 30 cm thickness of clay, have very strong since the water retention performance.
3.Not affected by temperature In cold climates will not brittle fracture.
4.Environmental protection Bentonite as natural inorganic material, non-toxic harmless to human body, no special effects to the environment, have good environmental performance.
5.Simple and short time of construction Compared to other waterproofing materials, construction is relatively simple, don't need to be heated and paste. With bentonite powder and nails, washers, etc are connected and fixed. After construction does not need special inspection, if it is found that the waterproof defects and easy to maintenance. GCL is existing waterproof material in construction period of the shortest.
Suitable for municipal (landfill), water conservancy, environmental protection, artificial lake, and building underground waterproof, seepage control engineering.
  •  Geosynthetic clay liner
  •  Geosynthetic clay liner
  •  Geosynthetic clay liner
  • Geosynthetic clay liner

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