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BOP Stretched Net

BOP stretched net is a light weight but high strength plastic netting made from PE. It is made from extruded netting and then bi-oriented.
BOP netting plastic deer fence netting is used in yards, garden and other places to prevent deer and other animals from entering. This net also used as forest safety fence.
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Taian Road the plastic extruded mesh range is available in sizes from 1m wide up to 2m wide, and in small, medium and large mesh apertures. Stretched PP mesh has a multitude of uses including fruit cage mesh, garden mesh, anti-bird mesh, plant support mesh, sports high ball stops, deer fence, litter fencing, general garden fencing mesh, climbing plant support, and plant protection.
Animal net, anti mole net, chicken net, anti-mole netting. PP Bird Netting, Poly Bird Net, Bop Bird Net Manufacturer
1.anti-mole nets keep moles out of lawns in an effective and animal-friendly manner. Material: rot-resistant UV stabilised polypropylene. Mesh size: approx. 17mm x 20mm. The extruded mole mesh is applied under the lawn. This ensures that animals can burrow undisturbed but cannot come to the surface.
The deer fence is black, UV stabilised and rot proof and unobtrusive as it merges into it's background. Deer fencing is very quick and easy to erect and each roll weighs less than 15kg. The Deer Netting should be installed by battening to the fencing posts to ensure the mesh filaments are not damaged. Deer fencing is a very high strength, lightweight, 3.6ft to 7.3ft high deer fence manufactured from high strength polypropylene BOP plastic netting. Deer have a tendency to forage over large areas and the cost effective deer fencing offers a very effective deer control barrier.
Our regular garden netting fence/bop net is made of strong,long lasting,Light weight plastic mesh.easily handled by one person.It does not rust and there are no sharp edge to cut hands or snag clothing.It offers a cost effective alternative to wire-with a much better apperance.Contains UV stabilizers for longer life,and resists most chemicals and acids.
Mesh size(mm)
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