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  • composite geogrid

composite geogrid

Polypropylene woven geotextile ground enhancing material geocomposite.
When geogrid/geomembranes are combined with woven or non woven geotextile for specific application like drainage,erosion control,bank embankment,etc. then they are designed as Geocomposite.
- A typital example is bentonite geocomposite
- It consists bentonite filled pores when this geotextile come in contact with water the bentonite causes the pores to swell therby forming water tight sheets.
- Glass fibers are knitted on to the non woven geotextiles to enable better use in highway applications..
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Product Content

PET Anti-crack geocomposite is PET geogrid reinforcing geotextile,it’s a flexible, composite reinforcement grid comprising polyester grid combined with an ultra light nonwoven geotextile. Coated with bitumen, this composite creates a strong bond with asphalt that allows its tensile strength and distribute loads over a greater area. It’s the best solution for reflective cracking. There is one significant enhancement compared to the regular geogrid products: the non-woven fabric layer is saturated with bitumen in order to provide an effective moisture barrier.
Fiberglass/polyester reinforcing geocomposite is the geocomposite which comprises a high-strength, low-strain reinforcement grid with extra aperture size and a flexible nonwoven fabric bonded to the upper face. The fiberglass/polyester yarns with high tensile strength and low creep performs the function of reinforcement and the nonwoven performs the functions of separation, filtration and drainage.
Main Specification::
Geogrid: 50*50 KN, 60*60 KN, 80*80 KN, 100*100 KN, 120*120 KN, 200*200 Kn....
Nonwoven fabric: 20g/ 30g/ 50g/ 80g/ 100g
Or as per your requirements.
1. Good flexibility, resistant to corrosion, resistant to acids and alkali, anti-oxidation.
2.Separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement , protection and maintentance function
  • composite geogrid
  • composite geogrid
  • composite geogrid
  • composite geogrid

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